How to Get Surf in Pokemon Emerald: A Guide to Unlocking the Wave-riding Ability

Pokémon Emerald takes trainers on an exhilarating journey through the vibrant Hoenn region, where they encounter a vast array of Pokémon and conquer various challenges along the way. One of the most sought-after abilities in this beloved game is the surf ability, which allows players to freely navigate the endless seas and explore hidden islands. Unlocking this wave-riding ability stands as a pivotal moment in a trainer’s adventure, providing access to new areas, Pokémon, and even assisting in their quest to become the Pokémon League Champion. In this guide, we unveil the secrets to obtain surf in Pokémon Emerald, allowing trainers to dive into new depths and embark on thrilling aquatic escapades.

Aspiring trainers embarking on their Pokémon Emerald journey may find themselves perplexed when attempting to acquire the surf ability. However, fear not, as this comprehensive guide is here to navigate you through the process. Surfing not only facilitates seamless exploration but also opens doors to new encounters and opportunities that would remain hidden to those without this marvelous ability. With the advent of surf, trainers can’t help but feel the surge of excitement as they delve into vast oceanic realms, discovering mythical creatures and unraveling captivating mysteries. Get ready to dive into a world of aquatic marvels as we delve into the step-by-step process of unlocking the magnificent surf ability in Pokémon Emerald.

Obtaining the HM Surf

A. Location of the HM Surf

The HM Surf is a crucial ability to have in Pokémon Emerald, as it allows trainers to traverse bodies of water and access new areas. To obtain the HM Surf, players must travel to the island city of Slateport.

B. Requirements to get the HM Surf

Before obtaining the HM Surf, trainers need to have at least three gym badges. These badges can be obtained by defeating the respective gym leaders in Rustboro City, Dewford Town, and Mauville City. Additionally, trainers must rescue Peeko, the Wingull, from Team Aqua in the Slateport Shipyard.

C. Walkthrough to obtain the HM Surf

Once trainers have met the requirements, they can head to the Captain’s House, located on a small island in Slateport. Inside the house, they will find Captain Stern, who will gladly give them the HM Surf as a token of gratitude for rescuing Peeko.

It’s important to note that trainers can only obtain the HM Surf once, so it’s essential to ensure all prerequisites are met before visiting Captain Stern. Once acquired, the HM Surf can be taught to a Pokémon to unlock the ability to surf across the water.

By obtaining the HM Surf, trainers unlock a new dimension of gameplay in Pokémon Emerald. They can now explore previously inaccessible areas, catch rare Pokémon, and find hidden items. The HM Surf is not only useful for progression in the game but also provides new strategies and opportunities in battles.

In the next section, we will discuss how to teach the Surf ability to a Pokémon, including the right Pokémon to choose and the level requirements for learning Surf.

ITeaching Surf to a Pokemon

A. Choosing the right Pokemon for Surf

In order to utilize the Surf ability in Pokemon Emerald, you need to teach it to a compatible Pokemon. Not all Pokemon can learn Surf, so it’s important to choose a Pokemon with the right characteristics. Water-type Pokemon are the most common candidates for learning Surf, as it is a Water-type move. Some popular choices for teaching Surf include Blastoise, Gyarados, and Lapras. These Pokemon have good stat distributions and can make effective use of Surf in battle.

B. Level requirements for learning Surf

Before teaching Surf to a Pokemon, it is important to ensure that the Pokemon is at an appropriate level. In Pokemon Emerald, most Water-type Pokemon can learn Surf at around level 15-20. However, some Pokemon may learn Surf at different levels, so it’s important to consult a reliable source like a Pokemon guide or online database to determine the exact level required for each specific Pokemon.

C. Step-by-step guide to teaching Surf

Once you have chosen a suitable Pokemon and it has reached the required level, you can proceed to teach Surf to it. The steps to teach a Pokemon Surf are as follows:

1. Obtain the HM Surf: Refer to the previous section (Obtaining the HM Surf) to learn the location and requirements for obtaining the HM Surf.

2. Access the Pokemon menu: Press the start button on your Game Boy Advance to open the menu.

3. Select the Pokemon you want to teach Surf to: Navigate to the Pokemon tab and choose the Pokemon from your party that you want to teach Surf to.

4. Open the Pokemon’s move list: Once you have selected the Pokemon, choose the “Summary” option to access its move list.

5. Replace a move with Surf: Scroll through the move list and select the move you want to replace with Surf. Confirm your choice when prompted.

6. The Pokemon has learned Surf: After successfully replacing a move with Surf, the Pokemon will now be able to use Surf both in and out of battle.

Remember to choose a move that you won’t miss in battle, as Surf is a powerful and versatile move that can be useful in various situations.

By following these steps, you can teach Surf to your desired Pokemon and begin utilizing this invaluable ability in your Pokemon Emerald adventure. Good luck on your wave-riding journey!

RecommendedSurfing Locations in Pokemon Emerald

A. List of accessible areas with Surf

Once you have obtained the HM Surf and taught it to a Pokemon, you will have access to a variety of areas in the Hoenn region that were previously inaccessible. Here is a list of some notable locations that you can now explore using Surf:

1. Routes: You can now traverse across various routes in Hoenn, such as Route 105, Route 106, and Route 123. These routes often lead to new towns, hidden caves, and other exciting locations.

2. Lakes and Rivers: With Surf, you can navigate through lakes and rivers, allowing you to embark on fishing expeditions or encounter new Water-type Pokemon. Notable places to explore include the Lake of Rage, Lake Acuity, and the Weather Institute’s lake.

3. Islands: Surf also grants you the ability to visit previously inaccessible islands. Dive into the waters surrounding Mossdeep City or Sootopolis City to uncover hidden islands with their own unique ecosystems and Pokemon.

4. Hidden Grottoes: Surfing allows you to discover hidden grottoes that contain rare items and exclusive Pokemon. Keep an eye out for hidden entrances along the water’s edge, as these can lead to secret areas with valuable treasures.

B. Notable items and Pokemon exclusive to surfing areas

Exploring the areas accessible with Surf in Pokemon Emerald not only offers new landscapes to discover, but also the opportunity to find exclusive items and encounter unique Pokemon. Here are some notable items and Pokemon that you can find in surfing areas:

1. Rare Berries: As you Surf across different routes and islands, keep an eye out for berry trees along the water’s edge. These trees often bear rare berries, which can be used for various purposes such as healing Pokemon or boosting their stats.

2. Hidden TM’s: Some surfing areas contain hidden TM’s, which are valuable in teaching your Pokemon powerful moves. Search for hidden items using the Itemfinder or by exploring every nook and cranny of the surfing locations.

3. Rare Pokemon: Surfing locations are home to a wide range of rare and exclusive Pokemon. Encounter Water-type Pokemon like Gyarados, Sharpedo, and Tentacruel, as well as unique species that can only be found in the areas accessible with Surf.

By making use of the Surf ability, you can uncover hidden treasures, expand your collection of Pokemon, and further enhance your adventure in the Hoenn region of Pokemon Emerald. Keep exploring new areas with Surf to make the most out of your journey!

Utilizing Surf in Battle

Surf’s base power and accuracy

Surf is a Water-type move in Pokemon Emerald with a base power of 95 and an accuracy of 100%. This makes it one of the strongest Water-type moves available in the game. Its high accuracy ensures that it rarely misses, making it a reliable choice for battles.

Advantages of using Surf in battle

Surf has several advantages that make it a valuable move to have in your Pokemon’s arsenal. Firstly, it is a powerful move that can deal significant damage to opponents, especially those who are weak to Water-type moves, such as Fire, Ground, and Rock type Pokemon. Additionally, Surf has the ability to hit multiple opponents in double battles, allowing you to target multiple threats simultaneously.

Furthermore, Surf has the unique ability to be used outside of battle as well. This means that it can be used to navigate bodies of water in the game, making it a versatile move both in and out of battle.

Recommended strategies and movesets

To make the most out of Surf in battles, it is recommended to teach it to a Water-type Pokemon with good Special Attack and Speed stats. Some top choices include Swampert, Gyarados, and Starmie. These Pokemon not only have high base stats in the relevant areas but also have access to other powerful moves like Earthquake and Ice Beam, which can complement Surf.

When it comes to movesets, pairing Surf with moves like Ice Beam, Earthquake, and Thunderbolt can provide excellent coverage against a wide range of Pokemon types. Additionally, equipping your Pokemon with items like Mystic Water or NeverMeltIce can further boost the power of Surf.

In terms of strategies, using Surf as a reliable and consistent damage-dealing move can help you control the battlefield. Alternatively, you can also use Surf in combination with moves like Rain Dance to further enhance its power and take advantage of abilities like Swift Swim, which boosts Speed in rainy weather.

Overall, mastering the utilization of Surf in battle can give you a significant advantage against opponents and make your team a formidable force to be reckoned with. It is not only a powerful offensive move but also provides great versatility and coverage, making it a valuable tool in your Pokemon Emerald journey.

Surfing to Explore Hidden Areas

A. Accessing hidden areas with Surf

Once you have obtained the HM Surf and taught a Pokemon the move, you can use it to explore hidden areas in Pokemon Emerald. Surf allows you to travel across bodies of water, opening up new paths and opportunities for exploration. Look for bodies of water throughout the Hoenn region, such as lakes, rivers, and oceans, as these are the areas where Surf can be used.

To access hidden areas, simply surf across the water. Use the D-pad to move your character and navigate through the water to different locations. Keep in mind that not all bodies of water will lead to hidden areas, so it’s essential to search for unique features in the environment, such as caves, hidden entrances, or small islands, as these are often indicators of secret areas that can be accessed with Surf.

B. Uncovering secret items and rare Pokemon

Exploring hidden areas with Surf can lead to exciting discoveries. As you navigate through these secret areas, keep an eye out for hidden items that are not easily accessible on land. Tucked away in these hidden areas, you may find valuable items such as rare berries, evolutionary stones, powerful TMs, or even exclusive Pokemon.

In addition to finding rare items, Surfing can also allow you to encounter Pokemon that are not found in any other areas of the game. Take advantage of the opportunity to catch these rare Pokemon and add them to your team. Keep in mind that some of these Pokemon may be more powerful or have unique movesets, making them valuable assets in battles and completing your Pokedex.

Exploring hidden areas with Surf not only provides valuable items and rare Pokemon but also adds an extra layer of depth and excitement to your Pokemon Emerald journey. The thrill of discovering hidden secrets and uncovering new areas will keep you engaged and motivated to continue exploring the vast Hoenn region.

In conclusion, Surfing in Pokemon Emerald is not only a necessary ability to progress through the game but also a gateway to hidden areas that offer valuable rewards and exciting Pokemon encounters. Make sure to utilize Surf to its fullest potential and explore every nook and cranny of the Hoenn region to truly experience all that Pokemon Emerald has to offer.

Surfing for Travel and Convenience

A. Navigating through the Hoenn region with Surf

Surf is not only a powerful move in battle, but it also serves as a convenient means of transportation in Pokemon Emerald. With Surf, you can travel across bodies of water, making it easier to navigate through the expansive Hoenn region. This opens up new areas to explore and helps you reach previously inaccessible locations.

Surf allows you to traverse various lakes, rivers, and oceans, providing a quick and efficient mode of travel. This is particularly useful when you need to backtrack to previously visited towns or when you want to explore areas off the beaten path. With Surf, you no longer have to rely solely on your feet or other transportation options, such as Fly or the Bicycle.

B. Shortcuts and time-saving routes using Surf

By utilizing Surf strategically, you can discover shortcuts and time-saving routes that will greatly expedite your journey through the Hoenn region. For example, instead of taking a long route around a body of water, you can simply Surf across it, cutting down on travel time significantly. This becomes especially advantageous when you’re trying to reach specific destinations quickly.

Additionally, Surf can help you bypass certain obstacles, such as cliffs or trees blocking your path. By hopping on the back of a Pokemon capable of using Surf, you can effortlessly glide across the water and reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

It’s important to remember that while Surf allows you to access new areas and shortcuts, not all areas can be reached immediately. Some bodies of water may be too deep or have strong currents, which will require specific upgrades or progression in the game before they can be surfed upon. Keep an eye out for these obstacles and return to them later in your adventure once you’ve obtained the necessary tools or abilities.

In conclusion, Surf is an essential ability for both travel and convenience in Pokemon Emerald. It allows you to navigate through the Hoenn region more efficiently and discover shortcuts that will save you time on your journey. By properly utilizing Surf, you can make your exploration of the region much smoother and more enjoyable.

Surfing Competitions and Trainer Challenges

A. Participating in surfing mini-games and competitions

Participating in surfing mini-games and competitions can add an extra layer of excitement and challenge to your Pokemon Emerald gameplay. These activities can test your surfing skills and offer unique rewards. One notable surfing mini-game is the “Trick House Challenge,” where trainers can showcase their surfing tricks to earn points and prizes. Additionally, there are surfing competitions held at specific locations, such as Mossdeep City, where trainers can compete against others and demonstrate their expertise in surfing.

To participate in these mini-games and competitions, you will need a Pokemon that knows the HM Surf. Ensure you have already obtained and taught Surf to a compatible Pokemon before attempting these challenges. It’s important to train your surfing Pokemon to a high level and maximize its Surf move’s power and accuracy. This will increase your chances of scoring high points and outperforming other competitors.

B. Notable trainers and rewards in surfing challenges

When participating in surfing challenges, you will encounter skilled trainers who specialize in water-type Pokemon and possess formidable skills. These trainers will serve as tough opponents, putting your surfing abilities to the test. Defeating them can reward you with valuable items, such as rare TMs or evolutionary stones, as well as enhance your reputation as a skilled surfer.

One notable trainer you may encounter is Juan, the Sootopolis Gym Leader. Juan is an expert in water-type Pokemon and possesses a formidable team of aquatic creatures. Defeating him in a surfing competition will not only grant you the mind-blowing experience of battling a Gym Leader but also earn you the Rain Badge, which is essential for progressing through the game.

Additionally, surfing challenges may also offer other rewards like special battle items, stat-boosting items, or even exclusive Pokemon. These rewards can significantly enhance your Pokemon team and provide you with a competitive advantage in future battles.

Participating in surfing competitions and taking on trainers in challenges not only adds an exciting element to the gameplay but also improves your overall skills as a Pokemon trainer. It’s an opportunity to showcase your mastery of surfing and reap valuable rewards that will help you on your journey to becoming a Pokemon Champion.

HM Surf as a Key Progression Tool

A. Essential points in the game requiring Surf

In Pokémon Emerald, the HM Surf is not just a fun ability to ride the waves; it is also a crucial tool for progressing through the game. There are several points in the game where Surf is necessary to advance the storyline, explore hidden areas, and access new locations.

One essential moment where Surf becomes indispensable is in Dewford Town. After obtaining the Balance Badge from the Dewford Gym and defeating Brawly, the player will need to navigate to the northern part of the town to reach the Granite Cave. However, the only way to cross the water and access the cave’s entrance is by using Surf. Without Surf, players will be unable to continue their journey and face the challenges that lie within.

Another instance where Surf is required is on Route 119, a vital location for progressing through the game. To reach Fortree City, players must make their way through the thick grass, battling trainers and wild Pokémon along the way. However, the primary challenge is crossing the river obstructing the route. Surf allows players to traverse the water and access the other side, enabling them to proceed with their quest.

B. Completing mandatory quests using Surf

In addition to unlocking essential areas, Surf is also necessary for completing various mandatory quests in Pokémon Emerald. One such quest involves the Weather Institute, located on Route 119. After defeating the Team Aqua or Team Magma Grunt inside the institute, players will receive a castform and be tasked with delivering it to Captain Stern in Slateport City. To fulfill this quest, players must use Surf to navigate through the waterways and reach Slateport City, where they can give the castform to Captain Stern.

Furthermore, obtaining the seventh Gym Badge at Sootopolis City requires players to use Surf. After defeating Team Aqua or Team Magma inside the Cave of Origin, players must travel through the water to reach the gym. Without Surf, players will be unable to access the gym and challenge the powerful Gym Leader Wallace.

Overall, Surf plays an essential role in Pokémon Emerald as a key progression tool. Its ability to navigate water not only grants access to new locations and hidden areas but is also pivotal for completing crucial quests and facing formidable challenges. As players journey through the game, they must ensure they have a Pokémon with Surf in their party to overcome these obstacles and continue their Pokémon adventure.

X. Conclusion

A. Recap of unlocking Surf in Pokemon Emerald

In the world of Pokemon Emerald, the ability to surf the waves is a crucial skill that every trainer must obtain. Surf allows you to navigate vast bodies of water, access hidden areas, and even battle opponents with powerful waves. In this guide, we have covered everything you need to know about unlocking and utilizing Surf in Pokemon Emerald.

To obtain the HM Surf, you must venture to the outskirts of Petalburg City. In a house near the beach, you will find a character who will gladly give you the HM Surf as long as you have at least four gym badges. Once you have obtained the HM, you can teach it to a compatible Pokemon that meets the level requirement.

B. Final tips and strategies for utilizing Surf effectively

To ensure you make the most of Surf in battles, choose a Pokemon with a high Special Attack stat and consider its move set. Surf has a base power of 95 and accuracy of 100, making it a formidable Water-type move that can deal with both ground and rock-type enemies. Additionally, Surf can hit all opponents in double battles, making it a potent move for clearing out multiple foes.

Surf also serves a dual purpose as a means of transportation and exploration. Make use of Surf to access hidden areas and discover rare items and Pokemon that can only be found in water-based environments. You can even uncover hidden shortcuts and save time on your journey across the Hoenn region.

Moreover, don’t forget to participate in surfing competitions and challenges. These mini-games offer exciting rewards and opportunities to showcase your surfing skills against formidable trainers. Be prepared to face trainers with strong water-type Pokemon who will test your battle abilities.

Lastly, keep in mind that Surf is not just a useful tool but also a key progression tool in Pokemon Emerald. Many essential points in the game require the use of Surf, including mandatory quests and reaching important locations. Without this ability, your journey will be hindered, and you may miss out on significant events and encounters.

Now that you have unlocked and mastered the art of surfing, make the most of this invaluable ability. Navigate the waters, defeat opponents with powerful waves, and explore hidden areas to become the ultimate Pokemon trainer in Pokemon Emerald. Good luck on your oceanic adventures!

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